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About QuickMath

QuickMath is one of the first sites of its kind on the internet. There are many sites where you can post a question and get an answer (eventually) from someone who volunteers to help you. QuickMath was the first site (originally became active in 1999) where you can simply type in an expression in a fairly intuitive way, hit a button and get the answer right there on your screen a seconds later.

The original QuickMath site was conceived and developed by Dr. Ben Langton. The underlying symbolic engine was remote "Mathematica" Computer Algebra System (CAS). Mathematica is a powerful CAS but it does not provide steps and the input interface basically consisted of a single line textbox, without a 2D display of a mathematical expression

In 2013 QuickMath was acquired by the Softmath company, a premier provider of step-by-step math solutions. The newer technology employed by Softmath (also used in their popular desktop software, Algebrator) enables step by step solutions of math problems as well as display of context sensitive explanation of each step. Rarely, when Softmath's math engine is not able to provide solution, a powerful public domain CAS, Maxima, is used to provide result only.

We are continually improving our solver engine. Recently, graphing has been vastly improved, including a smart zoom in and out functionality. QuickMath mobile site is mobile friendly and almost indistinguishable from an app (BTW an actual app for both Android and IOS is coming soon!). QuickMath is constantly evolving in ways which are dictated primarily by you, dear user. So have your say if you want something on QuickMath which isn't already there - chances are you'll get it in the next version!